Dari Rulai

Shaolin Dong-Xi-Dao



48th Generation, 2nd Chamber Shaolin

 Our Shaolin Ancestor: Seh Koh San, Cho-Si


Meaning “The Shaolin Way of The East and West” is a very broad style incorporating many techniques such as kicking, punching, locking (chin-na), pressure points, throws & ground fighting.  The System also contains the traditional Shaolin weapons such as the Staff, Broadsword, Spear, 3 Sectional Staff, Butterfly Knives etc. as well as the traditional animal forms such as the Snake, Crane, Tiger, Leopard, Dragon, Eagle & Monkey boxing.


The origins of this System lie in the Chinese styles known as“Chang Chuen”, “Shaolin Lohan Gong-fu” & “Fatt Gar (Hood Kar Pai) Kuen”, whose lineage flows through Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia.

The historical roots of the System are from the Shaolin monasteries in the Fujian, South Eastern provinces of China.  The best known Grand Master of this style has been the renowned Abbot Seh Koh San (Shi Gao Can), Cho-Si, who was, until he entered into Parinirvana in 1960, the Chief Abbot of the Shaolin Siong Lim Temple in Toa Payoh, Singapore.


THE SHAOLIN DONG-XI-DAO BUDDHA SCHOOL is a school within the Shaolin Dung-Sai-Do Gong-fu System.

Sifu Zhi Bao (Aleem Tien R. McKenzie) founded The Buddha School of Dong-xi-Dao in 2003 with Grand Master Nichols' blessing. A demonstration was held at the Duddenhill Community Centre in Willesden, which included the 12 Stances of Dong-Xi-Dao performed by Buddha School students, the Shaolin Hand-bridge form and body conditioning including bouncing wrist press-ups performed by Sifu Zhi Bao.

The  D.X.D. Buddha School is the combination of its founders training under Grand Master A.F. Nichols, years of study in other healing and complimentary arts, philosophy and the study of Buddhist philosophy.  Sifu Continues his practice and study of Buddhism and in 2009 was accepted as a 51st generation disciple in the Hanmi Chinese Esoteric School under Abbott Dan Kendall of the Dari Rulai Temple in L.A.


Through his years of experience of life in the inner cities and as a martial artist and teacher, Sifu McKenzie realised that the physical aspects of martial arts training alone were not enough to enable people to become empowered enough to really create a strong foundation of peace & happiness in their lives.  What was missing was the philosophy,meditations & teachings that could help people in all aspects of life. After much meditation & study, the next step became clear - the foundations of The C.O.V.E. Project Ltd (the for-runner of the Lin-ton Buddhist association for P.E.A.C.E.) and the Buddha School began to manifest.  And from this was born a school not only of physical training, but one where the mental and spiritual aspects are fully appreciated and nourished.

In August 2010 the London Dari Rulai fa Yin Shaolin Temple Shrine was opened.  The 'Bring forth the light' ceremony was led by Abbott Dan Kendall with students in attendance.

The Hanmi School is led by Maha-Acharya Dechan Jeuren, also known as Grand Master Yu Tianjian who says:

‘Know yourself, change yourself, conquer yourself.’

If one approaches Kung-fu with this frame of mind one can truly progress. Click on Master Yu’s lectures to read his talks on Kung-fu and Buddhism.

Sifu A. McKenzie has trained under Grand Master Nichols constantly without break since 1994 and was the 1st 52nd generation student to complete the Grand Masters' new syllabus to the level of 1st Degree Black Sash.


Since its inception, The Buddha School has continued to flourish with its family atmosphere.  Classes are currently held at various locations around London (check classes & workshops), beginners are welcome.

The aim of the Buddha School is to help people gain a greater understanding of themselves’, physically, mentally and spiritually as, when one has great knowledge of self, one develops a greater understanding of others. The more each individual develops an understanding of his/her self and others, the more peaceful a society we can create.


This school is a member of the Amatuer Martial Associations (A.M.A.)


Grading examinations are held 3 times per year.  For those who show aptitude & potential, the opportunities to be accepted onto the Assistant Instructors & Instructors programs are available.  Upon qualification, the student will be guided into teaching the arts of Shaolin D.X.D.


All are welcome to join us in training regardless of race, religion, colour or creed.  Whether you just want to keep fit, learn the art, train for competition, or be schooled in Buddhist philosophy & meditation, we have something for you.  All you need is a T-shirt, loose pants or tracksuit bottom & light footwear (barefoot if you prefer) to start.  Come & train in a friendly environment with plenty of support.

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