Dari Rulai

Shaolin Dong-Xi-Dao


Qi-Gong literally means energy work and is regarded as the mother of Tai chi and Chinese Medicine.

Qi, (pronounced 'Chee') also known as the breath of life is to be found in every living thing.  So qigong exercises are methods of cultivating and manipulating qi. The purpose is usually to maintain good health or to improve poor health. These methods are commonly known as medical qigong. Another purpose of practicing qigong is to reach higher spiritual awareness. These methods are known as esoteric qigong.

Qigong can be traced back over 5000 years from when it was passed down from masters to their trusted disciples.  Today there are more than 1000 systems and sets of qigong practice, from family and village systems to the well-known set of 8 exercises  - '8 pieces of brocade' (Ba Duan Jing), created by General Yueh Fei in the 12th century.

Qigong is practiced worldwide with millions of people reaping the benefits of this most ancient of arts.  Qigong empowers people to take control and responsibility for their own health.  Many people have defied their doctors words when they have been given limited time to live and when they've been told 'there is no cure' for their illness, to fully recover and enjoy a new lease of life and good health through the practice of qigong.

Qigong has been known to help with many conditions including: blood pressure, headaches, depression/anxiety/anger and emotional problems, poor blood circulation, fluid retention, numbness in the legs, shoulder and back pain, tonsillitis, ulcers, cancer, AIDS and more.


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