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This area is dedicated the Lectures and Talks given at various times and locations by Living Buddha Grand Master Yu Tian Jian.



Buddhism and Martial Arts
Living Buddha Dechan Jueren, June 7, 2003

Lohan School of Shaolin, Las Vegas, Nevada
Translated by: Kuo
Transcribed by: Chang Zhi De Jian


It has been a long time since I have been here to talk to you. Today, I have seen some of you practice martial arts and it looks like you are getting better.

Tonight, I think I will talk a little bit about Buddhism and martial arts, the relationship of these two things. Martial arts not just originated from the east, from everywhere in the world they have their own forms of martial arts practice. However, martial arts originated in the east, most of those forms of practice either come from the Buddhist practitioners, or the Taoist practitioners.

Of course, in the …?… of China they also have different systems of martial arts, referring to the internal and external system. It's a common understanding if you really want to attain to a high skill, a high accomplishment in the martial arts practice you must also based on what we call the martial artist virtue. It's actually a universal principle for everything in this world, only when you have virtue and merits will you ever attain to that level, lacking that and you will never, will only be at a certain stage, you will never be able to surpass that.

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