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Shaolin Dong-Xi-Dao

Dharma Rites

One of the greatest services we offer the community is to hold dharma rites. A Dharma rite is a Buddhist ritual prayer ceremony where a group of esoteric practitioners gathers together and prays for a common goal. A group of practitioners who have experience working together with advanced states of consciousness can overcome an obstacle with relative ease that would be insurmountable for one person alone. All Dharma rites are conducted by initiated disciples and are held inside a mandala created and empowered by Living Buddha Dechan Jueren.

Why do people request Dharma Rites?

Most commonly we do Dharma Rites to help people overcome obstacles they are having with health, wealth, and luck. It is also common for people to request a Dharma Rite for a deceased relative. Sometimes Dharma Rites are held to celebrate a special occasion, like a holiday, or birthday, or to pray for world peace.

Types of Dharma Rites:

The following is a list of many of the Dharma rites conducted at Temple:


Good Luck

Extinguishing Disaster

Assist the Diseased

Seeking Marriage

Change your Destiny! Attract your soul-mate!

Seeking Offspring

Blessig for Conception of a child

Bring forth the Light:

For new construction, moving to a new house, starting a new project or business.

Divine Birth:

Celebrating the birth of an awakened Master. Bring offerings of flowers or fruit.

Fortune, Longevity and Wisdom:

Increase your prosperity, luck, safety and bring peace and happiness to your entire family.

Karma Purifying:

Cuts to the root of your problems, purifying the karmic debt.


jinx/Hex/Curse Breaking

Life Prolonging

assist the Deacesed for Suicide

1000 Lamp:

Celebrate the New Year by lighting candles for luck, joy, safety, peace and wealth.


"Pacify-the-year." A powerful blessing to counter unfavourable influences for certain signs of the zodiac. Conducted on the eve of Chinese New Year.


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