Dari Rulai

Shaolin Dong-Xi-Dao



Dechan Jueren, Master Yu Tianjian, from Chaoyang, Liaoning Province, at the age of 39, attained self-realization under the guidance of the 48th Mahacharya of The Esoteric School, Grandmaster Huiling of Putian, Fujian Province.


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The Four Foundations of Esoteric Buddhism

The Four Foundations Are:

1. Treasure Vase Qi  2. Calming & Relaxing  3. Diamond Wisdom  4. Dhyana Yoga

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Dharma Rites

One of the greatest services we offer the community is to hold dharma rites. A Dharma rite is a Buddhist ritual prayer ceremony where a group of esoteric practitioners gathers together and prays for a common goal. A group of practitioners who have experience working together with advanced states of consciousness can overcome an obstacle with relative ease that would be insurmountable for one person alone. All Dharma rites are conducted by initiated disciples and are held inside a mandala created and empowered by Living Buddha Dechan Jueren.

Why do people request Dharma Rites?

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